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Issue Template

Since the server is ran by software that will from time to time need updates, you will inevitably run into issues while playing on the server.  We aim for it to be minimum, but we can't always catch everything.  It is important to reach out if you ever have issues so we can ensure everyone has a fun experience while on the server. 

(If you have a picture for assisting us in troubleshooting the issue, please go to Imgur and upload the picture.  Once the picture is uploaded, right click on the image and select Copy Image URL. Once you have this URL, paste it into the source field when trying to upload the picture)

Issue Template: (Copy below this line)


What seems to be the issue:

When did this issue first occur:

If you happen to be playing with friends, do they also have this issue:

Was there an error while running a command:


over 2 years ago
Ban Appeal - How To

Unfortunately, there will reach a time when we must ban people for misconduct on the server based on our rules. If you have found yourself in this predicament, you can always appeal the ban.  We understand there may be a misunderstanding, so we want to make sure people can let us know what happened. To submit a ban appeal, you will want to copy the form below and fill in the requested information. 

Important: Staff say is final.  If the appeal request is denied, please understand this is only to protect everyone playing on the server. Do not submit more than 1 ban appeal and we will work through them as we can.  Thank you 


Ban Appeal Format: (Copy below this line)


Minecraft Username: 

Reason given for being banned:

What would you like our staff to know about this reason:

Will you be willing to re-read the rules so this doesn't happen in the future:

over 2 years ago
1.19 Update!

The server has now been updated to support version 1.19 for Minecraft!  If y'all experience any issues while playing on the server, please let us know!

over 2 years ago

  For those of you that would like to introduce yourself to the community, you can copy and paste the template below to being. Please do not include any personal information that you would not like shared with everyone in this community.  



In Game Name:

How long I have played Minecraft: 

Why I love to play Minecraft:

My favorite things to do while on the server:

Anything Else?


over 2 years ago
Welcome to OreCraft!


To get started, register for an account, and feel free to look around! We are so glad to have you here!

Thank you and enjoy,



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